Mittwoch, 16. September 2015

New collection for autumn

Hey hey !

It's almost autumn! I can't believe it :o
 For that reason I thought about my new autumn/winter collection.
I want to do some kinda dark goth things with occultism symbols. Halloween is one of my favorite events and a huge inspiration for this collection.
Here are some pics I found on the internet that inspires me a lot:

The Moon on the right hand side, I designed by my own.
I want to print it on shirts, bags and dresses.

Moreover I sewed a croptop in wednesdaystyle

 On 27th September I'll be on the Designermarket in Cologne! 
Come and visit me ^.^ 



Dienstag, 1. September 2015

Songweaver Aion Cosplay

Hey guys !

For the Gamescom 2014 I made an Aion Cosplay. 

This year I wore it again on Gamescom but with lots of improvements.
I addet a new weapon, embroidery and new hairaccessoires.

On top of that I made a short cosplayfilm with it ^-^
Enjoy !


Montag, 10. August 2015

Animagíc 2015

Hey guys!

Last weekend I visited the Animgic 2015.
It is a anime convention in Bonn,Germany.

 The first day was not really special. I wore fantastic dolly and seached for a photograph to take some pics of my outfit, 'cause I don't have any pictures of this beautiful dress T^T

 Unfortunatly the backround wasn't that nice :(

On the next day the lolita fashionshow by Dunkelsüß tooks place and I was a model^^ I wore my selfmade black dress and a awesome headdress!
 I never wore a headdress like this before 'cause I thought I will look totally dumb with it. But it looked so cool *-*!!

On the third day I wore my Shirahoshi Cosplay :)
 It is so cute and I love it!

See ya !


Freitag, 24. Juli 2015

The Lolitainterview

Hey Leute :)

Heute gibt's ein kleines Interview über meine Geschichte wie ich zur Lolitamode gekommen bin ^^

Viel Spaß beim anschauen:


Sonntag, 12. Juli 2015

Japan Expo 2015

Hey there !

Last Weekend I traveled to Paris and visited the Japan Expo 2015.
Before I do a picture spam in this blogpost, I made a video ^^

Have fun while watching ;)



Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2015

Preparations for Dokomi 2015 - I'm sooo exited!

Tooo much work O_O!

In the last few months I worked a lot for Dokomi on may 23/24
 Dokomi is a big anime & manga convention that takes place at 
Düsseldorf trade fair, Germany. 

I have a stall there and sell my handmade clothes. 
  Furthermore I wrote my finalexams this and last week.
It was not quite simple, so I had to learn a lot. 

learning, sewing,  learning, sewing, eating, and a bit of sleep xD 

That were my last few weeks. 
But it was ok.. I managed a lot of things and 
want to show you some of my results ^.^

I've made a t-shirt collection !
Maybe you already saw it in my fashionshow post, 
but here is the t-shirt I've made:

I sewed it in 4 different colors with diffent collars :) 
Altogether I made 13 pieces.

Moreover I made a little salopette collection ^_^


 In addition to these things I've made some more :) 


For my promotion my boyfriend and I designed new businesscards and flyers:

Wow I made a looot of things in four weeks + exams :D !

I will report about Dokomi next week ;3 
So look forward ♥

I'm sooo exited *o* !


Freitag, 24. April 2015

Fashionshow 2015

Hey everyone!

One month has passed sice the fashion show of my school took place at the odysseum in cologne. 
It was a great evening and I want to show you some pictures of it.

Let's start with the catwalk and a behind the stage pic of me: 

The catwalk was 10 meters long !!!

The show began with a few words from me and the intro video that I made.

Here is the Link to the video:


After that the show started with coats !

We had a sociocritical theme. My idea was the gab between rich and poor.
On my sign say "My House. My Car. My iPhone." - "The others does not matter"

It was a really nice show and I liked it much ♥