Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2015

Preparations for Dokomi 2015 - I'm sooo exited!

Tooo much work O_O!

In the last few months I worked a lot for Dokomi on may 23/24
 Dokomi is a big anime & manga convention that takes place at 
Düsseldorf trade fair, Germany. 

I have a stall there and sell my handmade clothes. 
  Furthermore I wrote my finalexams this and last week.
It was not quite simple, so I had to learn a lot. 

learning, sewing,  learning, sewing, eating, and a bit of sleep xD 

That were my last few weeks. 
But it was ok.. I managed a lot of things and 
want to show you some of my results ^.^

I've made a t-shirt collection !
Maybe you already saw it in my fashionshow post, 
but here is the t-shirt I've made:

I sewed it in 4 different colors with diffent collars :) 
Altogether I made 13 pieces.

Moreover I made a little salopette collection ^_^


 In addition to these things I've made some more :) 


For my promotion my boyfriend and I designed new businesscards and flyers:

Wow I made a looot of things in four weeks + exams :D !

I will report about Dokomi next week ;3 
So look forward ♥

I'm sooo exited *o* !


Freitag, 24. April 2015

Fashionshow 2015

Hey everyone!

One month has passed sice the fashion show of my school took place at the odysseum in cologne. 
It was a great evening and I want to show you some pictures of it.

Let's start with the catwalk and a behind the stage pic of me: 

The catwalk was 10 meters long !!!

The show began with a few words from me and the intro video that I made.

Here is the Link to the video:


After that the show started with coats !

We had a sociocritical theme. My idea was the gab between rich and poor.
On my sign say "My House. My Car. My iPhone." - "The others does not matter"

It was a really nice show and I liked it much ♥



Dienstag, 17. März 2015

Capes - Good bye winter

Hey lovely people ! ♥

Today I wanne show you some of the capes I've made this winter.
It's nearly a cape collection :D I hope I can do more of them ^.^
They are so lovely and warm!

 For now I want to make some sping stuff soo badly :<
It is so cold outside since half a year x_x 
I want to do Shirts and skirts and dresses ! 
All colored in pink, lilac, mint and pastel ._.

I can't wait for you, my beloved spring!!

Lucky me I could were my first spring outfit today, 'cause it was almost warm outside :D Here are some pictures:

Hope you like it ♥



Dienstag, 17. Februar 2015

Karneval 2015

Kölle Alaaf !

This year my carnivalscostume was Minnie Mouse ^.^
Long time I wanted a red and white polkadot dress. 
These dresses inspired me to make a Minnie Mouse costume for Karneval.

Aren't they cute? :3 

So, here is the dress I made:

Hope you like it ;3


Samstag, 7. Februar 2015

Making Of Modenschau Opening

Gestern habe ich mich mit meinen Mitschülerinnen in die Kälte gestürzt um ein paar Clips für die Modenschau 2015 zu drehen. 
Zu Beginn der Modenschau gibt es immer ein Opening Video als Einstimmung für die Zuschauern. Ich habe mir nun die Aufgabe zu Herzen genommen, dieses Video zu produzieren. Die Modenschau findet am 21.03.2015 im Odysseum in Köln statt. Jetzt habe ich noch ein kleines Making Of für euch:

Einen kleinen Trailer zur letzten Modenschau findet ihr hier:


Montag, 2. Februar 2015

Drape Drape

"Drape Drape"

Das war das Thema meiner letzten Woche. In der Schule hatte ich  Projektwoche und durfte den ganzen Tag drapieren ^.^
Es hat super viel Spaß gemacht und ich hab mir etwas zugetraut, was ich vielleicht sonst nicht gemacht hätte. 
Dieses Kleid war das Ziel meiner Woche:

Als ich anfing, die Teile zuzuschneidern, dachte ich bei einigen Teilen nur:
"Häää?? Wie soll ich das nur zusammennähen?"

Im Endeffekt konnte ich mich gut reindenken und mit etwas unterstützung meiner Lehrer ist das hier entstanden:

Hier noch ein Vlog zum Thema mit kleinem Tutorial :3

Viel Spaß beim ausprobieren!